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BISG4040Bisson Pitts Muffler O.S. 40LA/40FP
Product Category: R/C Engine Mufflers
In Stock
Limited Quantities
Bisson Pitts Muffler O.S. 40LA/40FP
Brand : Bisson
Manufacturer Stock# : 04040
Bisson Pitts Muffler O.S. 40LA/40FP
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    This is a Bolt-On Pitts Muffler for the OS 40LA, 46LA and 40FP.
    Pitts-Style Mufflers are used on engines that are Side-Mounted (lying on their
    side) Inside a Cowl. This routes the exhaust out the bottom of the cowl.


    Pitts Muffler (with brass pressure fitting installed)


    Overall Width: 3-1/8" Overall Depth: 1-3/4"
    Height (not including exhaust tubes): 1-1/4"
    Length of Exhaust Tubes: 2-1/2" (may be cut shorter)
    Tube Outer Diameter: 3/8"
    Mounting (Ctr-Ctr): 35mm (1.37")


    This muffler does not come with the mounting screws, use the screws
    that come with the engine (or use OSMG6904)


    Comes with a One-Year Warranty.
    jmm 9/15/01

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