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Parts List for
Axial 1/10 SCX10 4WD Kit w/Dingo Body
Omni Stock# Mfg Part# Product Description Inventory Status Omni Price Add To Cart
ARZC0002AX02Acer Racing Ceramic Bearing Kit Axial SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
ARZC2803PAX03Acer Racing Polyamide Bearing Kit Axial SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock49.99 
AXIC0013AXA013Axial Cap Head M2x6mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0015AXA015Axial Cap Head M2x10mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0175AXA0175Axial Screw Shaft M3x2.5x11mm (10)Late Nov3.49 
AXIC0004AXA0414Axial Hex Socket Tapping Flat Head M2.6x10mm Black (10)In Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC0830AXA083Axial Cap Head M3x6mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0085AXA085Axial Cap Head M3x10mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0087AXA087Axial Cap Head M3x16mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0088AXA088Axial Cap Head M3x20mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0089AXA089Axial Cap Head M3x25mm Black Oxide (10)Late Oct2.50 
AXIC0045AXA091Axial Cap Head M3x30mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1040AXA1040Axial Thin Hex Nut M3 Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1045AXA1045Axial Nylon Locknut M4 Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1052AXA1052Axial Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut M3 Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1053AXA1053Axial Nylon Locking Hex Nut M3 Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1059AXA1059Axial Body Clip 6mm Black (10)Early Nov2.49 
AXIC1070AXA1070Axial Washer 3x6x0.5 (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1071AXA1071Axial Washer 4x8x1mm (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1091AXA1091Axial Washer 5x10x.5 Black (10)Late Oct2.49 
AXIC1105AXA1105Axial Cone Washer 3x6.9x2mm Grey (6) - OptionalIn Stock5.99 
AXIC1163AXA1163Axial O-Ring 7x1mm (10)In Stock2.49 
AXIC0117AXA117Axial Hex Socket Button Head M3x15mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1179AXA1179Axial O-Ring 2.5x1.5mm (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1181AXA119Axial Hex Socket Button Head M3x20mm (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0012AXA120Axial Hex Socket Button Head M3x25mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0218AXA1218Axial Bearing 5x10x4mmIn Stock4.89 
AXIC0221AXA1221Axial Bearing 5x11x4mmIn Stock4.89 
AXIC0225AXA1225Axial Bearing 8x16x5mmIn Stock4.89 
AXIC0230AXA1230Axial Bearing 10x15x4mmIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC0280AXA1280Axial Servo Flange Screw M3x10mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0331AXA1331Axial Flanged Ball 3x5.8x7mm - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC0358AXA1358Axial Shock Damper 3x7x8 (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0392AXA1392Axial E-Clip E2 (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0393AXA1393Axial E-Clip E2.5 (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1414AXA1414Axial Spacer 2x6mm Grey (6)In Stock5.99 
AXIC0118AXA144Axial Hex Flat Head M3X8mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0176AXA176Axial Screw Shaft M3x2.5x13mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0180AXA180Axial Set Screw M3x3mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0186AXA186Axial Set Screw M3x16mm Black Oxide (10)In Stock4.89 
AXIC0433AXA433Axial Hex Socket Button Head M3x6mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0120AXA434Axial Hex Tap Button Head M3x8mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0121AXA435Axial Hex Tap Button Head M3x10mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0123AXA436Axial Hex Tap Button Head M3x12mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0124AXA438Axial Hex Tap Button Head M3x18mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC1440AXA440Axial Hex Socket Tapping Button Head Black M3x25mm (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0126AXA463Axial Hex Socket Tap Flat Head M3x6mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0128AXA465Axial Hex Socket Tap Flat Head M3x10mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0129AXA466Axial Hex Socket Tap Flat Head M3x12mm Black (10)In Stock2.50 
AXIC0402AX04026Axial Hardline Crawler Clear Body .040" XR10 - OptionalIn Stock32.99 
AXIC4028AX04028Axial Interior Set Clear .040" Wraith - OptionalIn Stock17.29 
AXIC8104AX08104Axial 2.2/3.0 Raceline Renegade Wheels 34mm Black (2)In Stock11.59 
AXIC8140AX08140Axial 1.9 Walker Evans Street Wheel Chrome/Black (2) - OptionalIn Stock15.39 
AXIC2016AX12016Axial Ripsaw 1.9" Tire R35 Compound (2)In Stock23.59 
AXIC2018AX12018Axial 2.2/3.0 Hankook Mud Terrain Tires 41mm R35 (2) - OptionalIn Stock27.99 
AXIC2019AX12019Axial 1.9 Maxxis Trepador Tires R35 (2) - OptionalIn Stock24.99 
AXIC4003AX24003Axial 20T Brushed Electric Motor - OptionalIn Stock17.29 
AXIC2400AX24004Axial 27T 540 Electric Motor - OptionalIn Stock14.49 
AXIC2407AX24007Axial 55T Rock Crawler Electric Motor - OptionalIn Stock17.29 
AXIJ4206AX24206Axial AX-3 2-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System - OptionalIn Stock73.99 
AXIC4251AX24251Axial NVS Night Visions System LED Light Set - OptionalIn Stock99.99 
AXIC4252AX24252Axial Double LED Light String White - OptionalIn Stock9.69 
AXIC4253AX24253Axial Double LED Light String Red - OptionalLate Oct6.79 
AXIC4254AX24254Axial Double LED Light String Orange - OptionalLate Oct6.79 
AXIC4255AX24255Axial Single LED Light String White - OptionalIn Stock8.79 
AXIC4256AX24256Axial 5-LED Light String White - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC2425AX24257Axial LED Light Set w/Controller and Lights - OptionalIn Stock27.99 
AXIC2458AX24258Axial 4-LED Light String White - OptionalIn Stock13.49 
AXIM4259AX24259Axial AE-2 Forward/Reverse ESC w/Drag Brake - OptionalIn Stock78.99 
AXIC0031AX30031Axial Antenna Scorpion Rock CrawlerIn Stock2.50 
AXIC0041AX30041Axial Velcro Strap 16x200mmIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3090AX30090Axial Aluminum 61-90mm Shock Set 7mm Piston (2) - OptionalIn Stock36.99 
AXIC3115AX30115Axial Hard Anodized Aluminum Pre-Load Collar (2) - OptionalLate Oct8.99 
AXIC3117AX30117Axial Hard Anodized Aluminum Shock Body 10x38mm (2) - OptionalIn Stock8.99 
AXIC3014AX30146Axial Shock Shaft 3x50mm (2)Late Oct13.99 
AXIC3162AX30162Axial Pin 1.5x8mm (6)In Stock3.89 
AXIC3163AX30163Axial Pin 2.0x10 (6)Late Nov3.89 
AXIC0166AX30166Axial Pin 1.5x11mm (6)In Stock3.89 
AXIC3190AX30190Axial Shaft 5x18 (2)In Stock5.99 
AXIC0198AX30198Axial Slipper Drive Gear Shaft 5x53.5In Stock5.99 
AXIC3200AX30200Axial Spring 12.5x20mm 3.6lbs/in Super Soft Red (2) - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3201AX30201Axial Spring 12.5x20mm 4.32lbs/in Soft White (2) - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3202AX30202Axial Spring 12.5x20mm 5.44lbs/in Medium Green (2) - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3203AX30203Axial Spring 12.5x20mm 6.53lbs/in Firm Yellow (2) - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3204AX30204Axial Spring 12.5x20mm 7.95lbs/in Super Firm Blue (2) - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3205AX30205Axial Spring 12.5x40mm 2.7lbs/in Super Soft Red (2) - OptionalIn Stock5.59 
AXIC3206AX30206Axial Spring 12.5x40mm 3.6lbs/in Soft White (2) - OptionalIn Stock5.59 
AXIC3207AX30207Axial Spring 12.5x40mm 4.08lbs/in Medium Green (2) - OptionalIn Stock5.59 
AXIC3208AX30208Axial Spring 12.5x40mm 5.44lbs/in Firm Yellow (2) - OptionalIn Stock5.59 
AXIC3209AX30209Axial Spring 12.5x40mm 6.81lbs/in Super Firm Blue (2) - OptionalIn Stock5.59 
AXIC3366AX30366Axial Axle 5x35mmIn Stock11.59 
AXIC3385AX30385Axial Diff Gasket 16x25x0.5mmIn Stock3.00 
AXIC3392AX30392Axial Bevel Gear Set (38/13)In Stock11.59 
AXIC3394AX30394Axial Drive Gear 20TIn Stock4.89 
AXIC0395AX30395Axial HD Bevel Gear 38T Scorpion - OptionalLate Nov27.99 
AXIC3401AX30401Axial Heavy-Duty Bevel Gear Set 36T/14T AX10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC3402AX30402Axial Heavy-Duty Bevel Gear Set 43T/13T AX10 - OptionalIn Stock27.99 
AXIC0408AX30408Axial Input Shaft 5x29mm (2)In Stock7.79 
AXIC0410AX30410Axial Inner Slipper PlateIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC0411AX30411Axial Outer Slipper PlateIn Stock9.69 
AXIC0412AX30412Axial Slipper Pad 27x8x1mmIn Stock9.69 
AXIC0413AX30413Axial Slipper Spring 8.5x12 165 Lbs/In Black (2)In Stock4.89 
AXIC0414AX30414Axial Slipper Clutch AX10/Scorpion - OptionalIn Stock27.99 
AXIC3420AX30420Axial Solid Axle Dogbone 6x74mmIn Stock14.49 
AXIC0421AX30421Axial Steel Straight Axle 6x104.5mm (2)In Stock18.99 
AXIC0426AX30426Axial Steering Upgrade Kit AX10/SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC3042AX30427Axial Aluminum Hub Narrow 12mm Black (4)In Stock5.99 
AXIC0435AX30435Axial Steel Outdrive Shaft Set (2)In Stock14.49 
AXIC3450AX30450Axial Flange Pipe 3x4.5x5.5 (4)In Stock5.99 
AXIC0460AX30460Axial Universal Joint Axle AX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock12.49 
AXIC0461AX30461Axial Universal Joint Axle Shaft AX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock21.69 
AXIC0462AX30462Axial Universal Joint Rebuild Kit AX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock7.29 
AXIC0463AX30463Axial WB8 Universal Joint Rebuild Kit (2)In Stock4.89 
AXIC0464AX30464Axial Universal Set AX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock32.99 
AXIC3482AX30482Axial Motor Plate AX10 Scorpion - OptionalIn Stock18.99 
AXIC3483AX30483Axial Radio Plate AX10 ScorpionIn Stock9.69 
AXIC3485AX30485Axial Servo Plate AX10 ScorpionIn Stock14.49 
AXIC3487AX30487Axial Locked Transmission Set AX10 - OptionalIn Stock43.99 
AXIC3488AX30488Axial Locked Axle Set AX10 - OptionalIn Stock47.99 
AXIC0491AX30491Axial Motor Plate AX10 RTRIn Stock17.29 
AXIC0492AX30492Axial Rear Steering Kit AX10 Scorpion - OptionalIn Stock32.99 
AXIC0494AX30494Axial Aluminum Rear Axle Lockout Scorpion (2) - OptionalIn Stock32.99 
AXIC0495AX30495Axial Aluminum C Hub Carrier Black (2) - OptionalIn Stock36.99 
AXIC0496AX30496Axial Aluminum Knuckle Black (2) - OptionalIn Stock36.99 
AXIC0498AX30498Axial Transmission Spacer Grey - OptionalIn Stock9.69 
AXIC3049AX30499Axial Trans Spacer 5x6.9x4.8mm (2)In Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC0500AX30500Axial Heavy Duty Differential Locker (2)In Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC3050AX30502Axial Chassis Rail Set SCX10 (2)In Stock39.99 
AXIC3517AX30517Axial Threaded Aluminum Pipe 6x33mm Grey (2)In Stock7.79 
AXIC3524AX30524Axial Threaded Aluminum Pipe 6x91mm Grey (2)In Stock8.79 
AXIC3025AX30525Axial Frame Set SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock65.99 
AXIC0544AX30544Axial Steel Outdrive Transmission Set AX10/SCX10In Stock13.99 
AXIC0547AX30547Axial 1.9 Internal Wheel Weight Ring 43g/1.5oz (1) - OptionalIn Stock9.69 
AXIC0548AX30548Axial 1.9 Internal Wheel Weight Insert 9g/.33oz (2) - OptionalIn Stock7.79 
AXIC0549AX30549Axial Aluminum Wheelbase Links Set 11.4" (290mm) SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock59.99 
AXIC0550AX30550Axial Aluminum Wheelbase Links Set 12.3" (313mm) SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock64.99 
AXIC0569AX30569Axial Pinion 48P 14T Steel - OptionalIn Stock5.99 
AXIC0571AX30571Axial Pinion 48P 13T Steel - OptionalIn Stock5.99 
AXIC3572AX30572Axial Pinion 48DP 14T - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC0573AX30573Axial Pinion 48P 15T Steel - OptionalIn Stock5.99 
AXIC3578AX30578Axial Pinion Gear 48DP 20T - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC0665AX30665Axial Spur 48DP 80T - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3672AX30672Axial Spur Gear 48DP 87TIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3070AX30709Axial Universal 5 Bucket Light Bar Set - OptionalIn Stock23.59 
AXIC0784AX30784Axial WB8 Driveshaft Coupler Set WraithIn Stock15.39 
AXIC0786AX30786Axial WB8 Driveshaft Retainer Ring Aluminum - OptionalIn Stock7.49 
AXIC4010AX4010Axial Dingo Truck Clear Body .040" UncutLate Oct52.99 
AXIC0010AX4010RAxial Dingo Truck Body .040" Uncut Clear - OptionalIn Stock29.99 
AXIC4025AX4025Axial Trail Honcho Clear Body w/Rear Cage AX10/SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock56.99 
AXIC4026AX4025RAxial Trail Honcho Clear Body .040 - OptionalIn Stock27.99 
AXIC3802AX80002Axial Diff Case SmallIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3803AX80003Axial Solid Axle Set ScorpionIn Stock11.59 
AXIC3804AX80004Axial Hub SetIn Stock6.39 
AXIC3805AX80005Axial Linkage SetIn Stock6.39 
AXIC3806AX80006Axial Servo SetIn Stock6.59 
AXIC3809AX80009Axial Transmission SetIn Stock7.79 
AXIC3810AX80010Axial Gear SetIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC3811AX80011Axial Drive Shaft SetIn Stock9.69 
AXIC3812AX80012Axial C Hub Carrier SetIn Stock4.89 
AXIC3818AX80018Axial Hardware Parts Tree Scorpion RTRIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC0020AX80020Axial Plastic Rear Axle Lockout (2)In Stock7.79 
AXIC0800AX80025Axial Shock Hoops Parts Tree SCX10 (4) - OptionalIn Stock9.69 
AXIC0801AX80026Axial Frame Brace SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock18.99 
AXIC0802AX80027Axial Battery Tray Holder SCX10In Stock11.59 
AXIC0803AX80028Axial Radio Box Parts Tree SCX10In Stock17.29 
AXIC0804AX80029Axial Shock Cap Parts TreeLate Oct8.79 
AXIC0805AX80030Axial Shock Body Set 61-90 (2)In Stock5.39 
AXIC0806AX80031Axial Body Mounts Parts TreeIn Stock14.49 
AXIC0807AX80032Axial Shock PartsIn Stock9.69 
AXIC0037AX80037Axial Interior Details Part Tree Black - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC0039AX80039AAxial 1/10 Front Plate Bumper Set - OptionalIn Stock15.39 
AXIC0040AX80039BAxial 1/10 Rear Plate Bumper Set - OptionalIn Stock11.59 
AXIC0042AX80040Axial 1/10 Fender Flare Set - OptionalIn Stock24.49 
AXIC0808AX80041Axial 1/10 Rock Rails Set (2) - OptionalIn Stock17.29 
AXIC0043AX80042Axial 1/10 Roll Cage - OptionalIn Stock27.99 
AXIC0044AX80043Axial Links Parts Tree RTR SCX10In Stock11.59 
AXIC0440AX80044Axial Tube Bumper Parts SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock12.00 
AXIC4257AX80045Axial Light Bucket Set Black - OptionalIn Stock18.99 
AXIC0441AX80046Axial Roll Cage Flat Bed SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
AXIC0047AX80047Axial Interior Detail Parts Tree Chrome - OptionalIn Stock14.49 
AXIC0048AX80048Axial Exterior Detail Parts Tree Chrome - OptionalIn Stock14.49 
AXIC4258AX80049Axial LED Lens Set Yellow/Clear (4) - OptionalIn Stock10.00 
AXIC0051AX80051Axial Dig Transmission Case - OptionalIn Stock9.69 
AXIC0054AX80054Axial Lower Links Parts Tree 130mm SCX10In Stock5.00 
AXIC0078AX80078Axial Transmission Spur Gear CoverIn Stock6.79 
AXIC8084AX80084Axial WB8 Driveshaft Set WraithIn Stock7.79 
AXIC8085AX80085Axial Universal Mount 5 Bucket Light Bar Black - OptionalIn Stock15.39 
AXIC4222AX80121Axial Flares Front SCX10/Poison Spyder/JK CrusherIn Stock14.99 
AXIC4225AX80122Axial Flares Rear SCX10/Poison Spyder/JK CrusherIn Stock14.99 
AXIC4333AX80123Axial Unlimited Roll Cage Top SCX10In Stock24.99 
AXIC4338AX80124Axial Unlimited Roll Cage Sides SCX10In Stock22.99 
AXIC4348AX80125Bralweright Front Bumper SCX10/Poison Spyder/JK BralwerIn Stock14.99 
AXIC4349AX80126Axial Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier SCX10/Poison Spyder/JKIn Stock24.99 
AXIC7079AX8079Axial Hub Cover Set Black (4)In Stock4.89 
AXIC8080AX8080Axial Hub Cover Set Satin Chrome (4) - OptionalIn Stock4.89 
AXIC8087AX8087Axial 8-Hole 1.9" Beadlock Wheel Black (2) - OptionalIn Stock17.29 
AXIC8088AX8088Axial 8-Hole 1.9" Beadlock Wheel Satin Chrome (2) - OptionalIn Stock18.29 
AXIC8122AX8122Axial 1.9 Beadlock Ring Grey (2) - OptionalIn Stock9.69 
AXIC8127AX8127Axial 1.9 Rock Beadlock Ring Grey (2) - OptionalIn Stock10.59 
INTC9091C23024GREENIntegy EXT + 15mm Axle/Wheel Hub Green Axial SCX-10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC9810C23126GREENIntegy Alloy Gearbox Holder Lower Link Green SCX10 (4) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC6687C23180SILVERIntegy Billet Mach Piggyback Shock Silver SCX-10 (2) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC1084C23493SILVERIntegy Billet Type II Complete Fr Axle Slvr AX10/SCX-10 - OptionalIn Stock83.99 
INTC1085C23494SILVERIntegy Billet Type II Complete Re Axle Slvr AX10/SCX-10 - OptionalMid Nov83.99 
INTC1088C23495SILVERIntegy Billet Compl Center Gearbox w/Internal Gears Slv - OptionalTemporarily
INTC1234C23599SILVERIntegy Type II Piggyback Shock 107mm Silver SCX-10 (2) - OptionalEarly Nov26.79 
INTC2505C24457SILVERIntegy HD Off-Road 1.9 Wheel w/All Terrain Tires Silver - OptionalMid Nov42.99 
INTC2507C24458SILVERIntegy S5 Spoke Off-Road 1.9 Wheel w/All Terrain Tires - OptionalEarly Nov42.99 
INTC2752C24565BLACKIntegy Gearbox Holder/Lower Link Black SCX10 (4) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2753C24565GREENIntegy Gearbox Holder/Lower Link Green SCX10 (4) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2755C24565SILVERIntegy Gearbox Holder/Lower Link Silver SCX10 (4) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4566C24566BLACKIntegy Steering Block/Linkage Black SCX10 Honcho/Dingo - OptionalMid Nov20.69 
INTC4567C24566GREENIntegy Steering Block/Linkage Green SCX10 Honcho/Dingo - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4568C24566GUNIntegy Steering Block/Linkage Gun SCX10 Honcho/Dingo - OptionalMid Nov20.69 
INTC4569C24566SILVERIntegy Steering Block/Linkage Silver SCX10 Honcho/Dingo - OptionalMid Nov20.69 
INTC2761C24568GREENIntegy Alloy Castor Block Green SCX10 Honcho/Dingo - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2941C24649BLACKIntegy Alloy Front Bumper Mount Blk SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2942C24649GREENIntegy Alloy Front Bumper Mount Grn SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2943C24649GUNIntegy Alloy Front Bumper Mount Gun SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2946C24650BLACKIntegy Alloy Rear Bumper Mount Blk SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2947C24650GREENIntegy Alloy Rear Bumper Mount Grn SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2948C24650GUNIntegy Alloy Rear Bumper Mount Gun SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalEarly Nov15.59 
INTC2949C24650SILVERIntegy Alloy Rear Bumper Mount Slvr SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC2879C24651GREENIntegy Alloy Upper Y-Arm Green SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalMid Nov18.99 
INTC2880C24651GUNIntegy Alloy Upper Y-Arm Gun Metal SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalEarly Nov18.99 
INTC2881C24651SILVERIntegy Alloy Upper Y-Arm Silver SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC2882C24652Integy HD Front Universal Drive Shaft SCX10/Dingo/Honch - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2883C24653BLACKIntegy Alloy Rock Rail Mounts Black SCX10 (4) - OptionalEarly Nov18.99 
INTC2958C24655BLACKIntegy Alloy Front Shock Mount Blk SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalLate Oct25.99 
INTC2960C24655GREENIntegy Alloy Front Shock Mount Grn SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2963C24655GUNIntegy Alloy Front Shock Mount Gun SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalMid Nov25.99 
INTC2964C24655SILVERIntegy Alloy Front Shock Mount Slvr SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2965C24656BLACKIntegy Alloy Rear Shock Mount Black SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2967C24656GUNIntegy Alloy Rear Shock Mount Gun SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2968C24656SILVERIntegy Alloy Rear Shock Mount Slvr SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2953C24657GUNIntegy Steel Main Center Drive Shaft Gun Wraith (2) - OptionalMid Nov25.99 
INTC2954C24657ORANGEIntegy Steel Main Center Drive Shaft Orange Wraith (2) - OptionalEarly Nov25.99 
INTC2956C24657REDIntegy Steel Main Center Drive Shaft Red Wraith (2) - OptionalMid Nov25.99 
INTC2957C24657SILVERIntegy Steel Main Center Drive Shaft Silver Wraith (2) - OptionalMid Nov25.99 
INTC2934C24659BLACKIntegy Realistic Power Winch Black 1/10 Rock Crawler - OptionalTemporarily
INTC2935C24659GREENIntegy Realistic Power Winch Green 1/10 Rock Crawler - OptionalIn Stock35.99 
INTC2936C24659GUNIntegy Realistic Power Winch Gun Mtl 1/10 Rock Crawler - OptionalIn Stock35.99 
INTC2937C24659REDIntegy Realistic Power Winch Red 1/10 Rock Crawler - OptionalIn Stock35.99 
INTC2938C24659SILVERIntegy Realistic Power Winch Silver 1/10 Rock Crawler - OptionalIn Stock35.99 
INTC0431C24688BLACKIntegy Alloy Rear Bumper Black Axial SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0461C24688GUNIntegy Alloy Rear Bumper Gun Metal SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0464C24688SILVERIntegy Alloy Rear Bumper Silver SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4691C24691BLACKIntegy Alloy Rear Upper Mount SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0465C24691GREENIntegy Alloy Rear Upper Mount Green SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0468C24691GUNIntegy Alloy Rear Upper Mount Gun SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0478C24691SILVERIntegy Alloy Rear Upper Mount Silver SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalEarly Nov13.29 
INTC4692C24692BLACKIntegy Alloy Front Bumper w/LED Black SCX10 (2) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4693C24692GREENIntegy Alloy Front Bumper w/LED Green SCX10 (2) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0702C24692GUNIntegy Alloy Front Bumper w/LED Gun Metal SCX10 (2) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0713C24692SILVERIntegy Alloy Front Bumper w/LED Silver SCX10 (2) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0745C24693BLACKIntegy Side Step Running Board Black SCX10 (2) - OptionalEarly Nov21.39 
INTC0754C24693GREENIntegy Side Step Running Board Green SCX10 (2) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0757C24693GUNIntegy Side Step Running Board Gun Metal SCX10 (2) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC0775C24693SILVERIntegy Side Step Running Board Silver SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock21.39 
INTC4708C24708BLACKIntegy Heavy-Duty Steering Block/Linkage Black SCX10 - OptionalEarly Nov25.69 
INTC4709C24708GREENIntegy Heavy-Duty Steering Block/Linkage Green SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC4710C24708GUNIntegy Heavy-Duty Steering Block/Linkage Gun SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4712C24709BLACKIntegy Heavy-Duty Alloy Castor Block Black SCX10 - OptionalEarly Nov16.99 
INTC4715C24709SILVERIntegy Heavy-Duty Alloy Castor Block Silver SCX10 - OptionalEarly Nov16.99 
INTC3265C24729BLACKIntegy Alloy Receiver/Radio Box Black 1/10 Axial SCX10 - OptionalMid Nov26.79 
INTC0002C24729BLUEIntegy Alloy Receiver/Radio Box Blue Axial 1/10 SCX-10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4737C24734GUNIntegy Alloy 8-Spoke Beadlock Wheel/Tire Gun Wraith (2) - OptionalMid Nov42.99 
INTC3274C24743BLUEIntegy 120mm Rear Lower Links Blue SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC4747C24743GUNIntegy 120mm Rear Lower Suspension Links Gun SCX10 (2) - OptionalMid Nov20.69 
INTC3275C24743ORANGEIntegy 120mm Rear Lower Links Orange SCX10 (2) - OptionalMid Nov20.69 
INTC4752C24744GUNIntegy 115mm Lower Suspension Links Gun SCX10 (4) - OptionalMid Nov32.99 
INTC4753C24744SILVERIntegy 115mm Lower Suspension Links Silver SCX10 (4) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4754C24745BLACKIntegy 115mm Front Lower Suspension Links Blk SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC4758C24746BLACKIntegy Upper Suspension Links Black Wraith (4) - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4800C24799BLUEBLACKIntegy T2 Center Drive Shafts Blue/Black SCX10 - OptionalEarly Nov26.79 
INTC4799C24799CARBONBLAIntegy T2 Center Drive Shafts Carbon Black SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4808C24799CARBONSILIntegy T2 Center Drive Shafts Carbon/Silver SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4803C24799GREENSILVIntegy T2 Center Drive Shafts Green/Silver SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4804C24799GUNBLACKIntegy T2 Center Drive Shafts Gun Metal/Black SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC4806C24799REDBLACKIntegy T2 Center Drive Shafts Red/Black SCX10 - OptionalMid Nov26.79 
INTC4839C24828GUNIntegy Gearbox Holder/Lower Link Gun Metal Axial (4) - OptionalMid Nov42.99 
INTC3576C24858BLUEIntegy Alloy Frame Rail Set SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho/Jeep(2) - OptionalMid Nov18.99 
INTC3578C24858GUNIntegy Alloy Frame Rail Set SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho/Jeep(2) - OptionalEarly Nov18.99 
INTC3579C24858REDIntegy Alloy Frame Rail Set SCX-10/Dingo/Honcho/Jeep(2) - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC4945C24945BLACKIntegy Rear Axle Lockout Black Axial SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC4963C24960BLACKIntegy T5 Off-Road Shock Black SCX10/Dingo/Honcho/Jeep - OptionalMid Nov24.69 
INTC5038C25063BLACKREDIntegy Complete T3 Front Axle Black/Red SCX10 - OptionalEarly Nov132.99 
INTC5040C25063SILVERIntegy Complete T3 Front Axle Silver SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC5044C25064SILVERIntegy Complete T3 Rear Axle Silver SCX10 - OptionalMid Nov91.99 
INTC5069C25080GREENIntegy Steering Linkage Set Green SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC5070C25080GUNIntegy Steering Linkage Set Gun Metal SCX10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC5071C25080SILVERIntegy Steering Linkage Set Silver SCX10 - OptionalEarly Nov18.99 
INTC5094C25084BLACKIntegy 125mm Suspension Linkage Black SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC5095C25084GREENIntegy 125mm Suspension Linkage Green SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock18.99 
INTC5096C25084GUNIntegy 125mm Suspension Linkage Gun Metal SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC5097C25084SILVERIntegy 125mm Suspension Linkage Silver SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock18.99 
INTC5101C25085SILVERIntegy 95mm Suspension Linkage Silver SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock18.99 
INTC5102C25086BLACKIntegy 115mm Suspension Linkage Black SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC5104C25086GUNIntegy 115mm Suspension Linkage Gun Metal SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC5105C25086SILVERIntegy 115mm Suspension Linkage Silver SCX10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
INTC5122C25098BLACKREDIntegy T3 Front Axle Housing Kit Black/Red SCX10 - OptionalMid Nov75.99 
INTC5124C25098GUNBLACKIntegy T3 Front Axle Housing Kit Gun Metal/Black SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC5126C25098SILVERBLAIntegy T3 Front Axle Housing Kit Silver/Black SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC5127C25099BLACKREDIntegy T3 Rear Axle Housing Kit Black/Red SCX10 - OptionalMid Nov75.99 
INTC5146C25099GUNBLACKIntegy T3 Rear Axle Housing Kit Gun Metal/Black SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC5164C25099SILVERBLAIntegy T3 Rear Axle Housing Kit Silver/Black SCX10 - OptionalTemporarily
INTC1955C25238Integy HD Steel Tube Front Bumper SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalIn Stock32.99 
INTC5538C25244BLACKIntegy Alloy T3 Front Bumper Black SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC5539C25244GREENIntegy Alloy T3 Front Bumper Green SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalOrder Pending26.79 
INTC5540C25244GUNIntegy Alloy T3 Front Bumper Gun SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalTemporarily
INTC5541C25244SILVERIntegy Alloy T3 Front Bumper Silver SCX10/Dingo/Honcho - OptionalMid Nov26.79 
PROC33623362-00Pro-Line Jeep Comanche Full Bed Clear Body 313mm - OptionalIn Stock43.95 
PROC07206072-00Pro-Line Scale Accessory Assortment #4 - OptionalIn Stock23.79 
PROC88016089-00Pro-Line Ridge-Line Bumper Wide Set - OptionalTemporarily
RCZC0002AXI002RC Screwz Stainless Steel Screw Kit Axial SCX-10 - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
RCZC0087AXI010RC Screwz Stainless Steel Screw Kit SCX10 Dingo - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities

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