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Parts List for
HPI Racing 1/10 E10 Drift Mustang Monster 2.4GHz RTR
Omni Stock# Mfg Part# Product Description Inventory Status Omni Price Add To Cart
HBSC517575175Hot Bodies Spring Set Pro 4 (14) - OptionalMid Oct31.99 
HPIC8933B033HPI Racing Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm (2)In Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC0039B039HPI Racing Complete Bearing Set E10 - OptionalIn Stock27.99 
HPIC1151Z150HPI Racing Antenna Pipe w/CapIn Stock2.00 
HPIC1281Z281HPI Racing Step Screw 3x12mm (2)In Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC0297Z297HPI Racing Step Screw M3x16mm (4)In Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC1348Z348HPI Racing Flat Head Screw M3x24mm (10)In Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC0349Z349HPI Racing Flat Head Screw M3x26mm (10)In Stock4.59 
HPIC1297Z517HPI Racing Binder Head Screw M3x8mm E-Savage (10)In Stock2.79 
HPIC1336Z535HPI Racing Flat Head Screw M3x35mm (6)Discontinued2.00   
HPIC0536Z536HPI Racing Flat Head Screw M3x40mm (10)Early Oct3.69 
HPIC0561Z561HPI Racing TP Flanged Screw M3x10mm E-Savage (6)In Stock2.79 
HPIC1566Z566HPI Racing TP Binder Head Screw M3x8mm (10)Early Oct3.69 
HPIC0568Z568HPI Racing Head Screw 3x12mm RS4 Pro E-Savage (10)In Stock2.00 
HPIC0574Z574HPI Racing TP Binder Head Screw M3x30mm (10)In Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC1577Z577HPI Racing TP Flat Head Screw M3x10mm (6)In Stock2.79 
HPIC1676Z676HPI Racing Locknut M3 Thin Type (4)In Stock2.79 
HPIC0700Z700HPI Racing 2-Speed Set Screw M3x3mm (6)Late Oct5.49 
HPIR1491Z901HPI Racing Allen Wrench 1.5mmIn Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIM1929101929HPI Racing Plazma 6-Cell 7.2V 2000mAh NiMHEarly Oct25.39 
HPIP1939101939HPI Racing Plazma 1.5V Alkaline AA Batteries (4)In Stock3.89 
HPIM2786102786HPI Racing SF-10 Servo Gear SetEarly Oct4.89 
HPIM4105104105HPI Racing HPI SF-10W Servo (Waterproof/4.5kg-cm6.0V)In Stock22.59 
HPIM4106104106HPI Racing SF-10W Servo Case SetIn Stock6.79 
HPIM5906105906HPI Racing SC-15WP Waterproof Electronic Speed ControlIn Stock56.99 
HPIC8370108370HPI Racing 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Body 206/210mm - OptionalIn Stock39.99 
HPIC8369109930HPI Racing '69 Sprint 2 Mustang Body - OptionalIn Stock34.99 
HPIC11441144HPI Racing Saturn Motor 27T Wheely KingIn Stock15.39 
HPIC174517545HPI Racing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Body 200mm - OptionalIn Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC44054405HPI Racing T-Grip Tire 26mm (2)In Stock9.99 
HPIC44064406HPI Racing T-Drift Tire 26mm (2)In Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC44254425HPI Racing Falken Azenis RT615 T-Drift Tire 26mm (2)In Stock13.69 
HPIQ61636163HPI Racing Servo Double Sided Tape 20x100mm (5)In Stock5.99 
HPIC319675106HPI Racing Body Clip 6mm Black E-Savage (20)In Stock4.59 
HPIC556085600HPI Racing Bevel Gear Set 13/10TIn Stock9.19 
HPIC556185601HPI Racing Plastic Bushing 12x18x4mm (7)In Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC556285602HPI Racing Gear Box SetEarly Oct12.79 
HPIC556385603HPI Racing Motor Mount SetIn Stock6.39 
HPIC556485604HPI Racing Upper Deck SetIn Stock7.29 
HPIC556585605HPI Racing Steering Linkage SetIn Stock6.39 
HPIC556685606HPI Racing Suspension Arm SetEarly Oct6.39 
HPIC556785607HPI Racing Hub Carrier SetEarly Oct7.29 
HPIC556885608HPI Racing Hex Hub SetEarly Oct8.19 
HPIC556985609HPI Racing Bumper/Shock Mount SetEarly Oct8.19 
HPIC557085610HPI Racing Shock/Body Post SetIn Stock6.39 
HPIC557185611HPI Racing Main Chassis E10In Stock17.29 
HPIC557485614HPI Racing Spur Gear 65T E10In Stock6.39 
HPIC557585615HPI Racing Differential Case SetIn Stock6.39 
HPIC557685616HPI Racing Center Gear Box SetIn Stock10.99 
HPIC800088000HPI Racing Differential Gear Set 15/38TEarly Oct7.29 
HPIC800188001HPI Racing Differential Shaft SetIn Stock7.29 
HPIC800388003HPI Racing Drive Shaft 9x40mm (2)In Stock4.59 
HPIC800588005HPI Racing Suspension Shaft 3x40mm Switch (2)In Stock4.59 
HPIC800788007HPI Racing Screw Shaft 3x30mm (2)In Stock3.69 
HPIC800888008HPI Racing Cone Washer 3x9x2mm Gunmetal (4)In Stock
Limited Quantities
HPIC801088010HPI Racing Shock Spring 14x29x1.4mm Black (2)In Stock3.69 
HPIC801188011HPI Racing Center Drive Shaft SetIn Stock3.69 
HPIC801288012HPI Racing Axle Shaft 6x31mm (2)Early Oct6.39 
HPIC801388013HPI Racing Wheel Hub Screw Set (12)In Stock4.59 
HPIC181588015HPI Racing Strut Tower Bar Set Purple E-10In Stock12.79 
HPIC181688016HPI Racing Sway Bar Set E-10 - OptionalIn Stock12.79 
HPIC881788017HPI Racing Aluminum Center Drive Shaft E10 - OptionalIn Stock9.99 
HPIC803088030HPI Racing Pinion Gear 30T 0.6mIn Stock4.59 
HPIC885488054HPI Racing Adjustable Height Shock Set E10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock32.99 
HPIC806088060HPI Racing Universal Drive Shaft Set E10 (2) - OptionalIn Stock26.99 
HPIC813788137HPI Racing E10 Oni-Kyan Arm Set - OptionalIn Stock14.59 

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